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ICRtoP Releases Report on the 2011 General Assembly Dialogue on the Role of Regional Organizations in Implementing the Responsibility to Protect
10 August 2011
On 12 July 2011, the General Assembly met for the third time to hold an informal interactive dialogue on the Responsibility to Protect (RtoP). This year’s theme followed the Secretary General’s report on the role that regional and sub-regional organizations play in protecting populations from mass atrocities. As expressed by the UN Secretary-General, the roots of the Responsibility to Protect, “extend to the early declarations of ECOWAS, the pioneering work of the High Commissioner on National Minorities of the OSCE, the legal and human rights traditions of the Americas and the spirit of non-indifference that animates the African Union”.
ICRtoP has published a report of the dialogue, available on our website here.  
The one-day session was divided into two sessions. Panelists during the morning session, which focused on the regional and sub-regional experience in preventing mass atrocity crimes, included the Executive Secretary of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region, the High Commissioner on National Minorities of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, and the Secretary for Political Affairs of the Organization of American States. The afternoon session included the Secretary-General and his Special Advisors on the Prevention of Genocide and on the Responsibility to Protect, Dr. Francis Deng and Dr. Edward Luck. Throughout the day, statements were delivered by 43 Member States, 3 regional organizations (the European Union, the African Union and the Caribbean Community) and 4 civil society representatives (including ICRtoP).
Recent events in Libya and Côte D’Ivoire could have led to registered disapproval for RtoP and a push for renegotiation of the norm; however a majority of Member States used the GA platform to instead voice support for the norm and provide constructive suggestions for its continued implementation.
Please view our report of the dialogue for an overview of the main themes and concerns raised. We also invite you to visit this page to find panelist presentations and government statements, as well as ICRtoP’s summary of the Secretary-General’s 7 July report.

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