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Bashar Al Assad: Criminal Against Humanity
International Federation for Human Rights
28 July 2011
(…) Publication of a Report on human rights violations committed in Syria from March to July 2011 “Bashar Al Assad: Criminal Against Humanity”
In light of the persistent repression of the population by the Syrian authorities and of the increasing number of deaths, arbitrary detentions, and acts of torture in Syria, the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), in cooperation with the Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS) and a coalition of 7 other Syrian human rights organizations, urges the Syrian authorities to bring an end to the use of violence against the population and publishes its report on the perpetration of the human rights violations committed in Syria from March to July, 2011. (…)

Rather than a comprehensive report examining all the reported human rights violations, the report examines the trends behind the major and most pervasive crimes and human rights violations reported in Syria between March 15 and July 15, 2011. These crimes include extra-judicial killings and the increasingly systematic use of violence by governmental forces; mass arrests, abductions, enforced disappearances and detention of civilians; acts of torture, degrading or inhumane treatments; repression of the freedom of peaceful assembly and violations of the freedom of information, notably targeting the media and human rights defenders; military operations and actions undertaken to besiege cities [1] , and the practices amounting to collective punishments and to the deprivation of food, water, and medical supplies, as well as the restriction and denial of access to hospitals. In the report, FIDH and DCHRS recall that 1665 people have died since the beginning of the unrest, and that the lives of thousands of others are endangered by the ongoing repression [2].

In view of the conclusions of its report, FIDH and DCHRS reiterate their call and formulate recommendations to the international community, the UN Security Council, the League of Arab States, and the European Union, to take immediate action to urge the Syrian authorities to put an end to the crimes committed against civilians, and to undertake all efforts to investigate and prosecute those responsible for these crimes. (…)
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