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UNITED NATIONS -- U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said Thursday the United States wants a strong document on U.N. reform that all member states can adopt, but many developing countries oppose Washington's proposed changes
Last week, the United States made extensive comments and proposed hundreds of changes to the latest blueprint for world leaders to adopt which runs 39 pages and was put together by General Assembly President Jean Ping.
Bolton told reporters Thursday that the proposed changes "are not that dissimilar to changes that we've been talking about here at the U.N. for months."
But coming less than three weeks before the summit starts on Sept. 14, they have added to the anxiety about whether all countries will be able to agree on a final text that has substance rather than just flowery phrases
Among other things, Washington's changes would eliminate references to the Millennium Development Goals adopted by world leaders at a summit in September 2000They also delete a call for rich nations to increase development assistance, and eliminate a call for further action against climate change.
The United States wants several additions that include extensive management reforms, a Human Rights Council to replace the discredited U.N. Commission on Human Rights, and more action against terrorism.
By contrast, the priority of developing countries is action to tackle poverty and meet the U.N. development goals....
Egypt's U.N. Ambassador Maged Abdelaziz said many difference remain with the United States and others _ from the the development agenda to defining terrorism, deciding whether the United Nations should have the right to intervene in a country in cases of genocide, disarmament, and changing the human rights machinery
In a letter to other ambassadors on Tuesday, Bolton said "time is short" and there is a need for flexibility "to maximize our chances of success."
Russia's U.N. Ambassador Andrey Denisov said every nations has its own position.
"So the number of amendments can be 400 or 500 _ any figure is appropriate," he said. "My concern is that we need to produce something tangible before our leaders come here."

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