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Governments mention RtoP in Opening of the 65th General Assembly Session
September 23-29, 2010

The 65th session of the UN General Assembly officially opened on 14 September with an opening statement by President Joseph Deiss of Switzerland reflecting on UN members’ priorities for the year, namely the Millennium Development Goals, UN reform and implementation as well as environmental sustainable development. World leaders gathered to discuss main political and economic challenges and achievements and it was an opportunity for Member States to re-emphasize the importance that they give to taking forward the Responsibility to Protect after this summer’s dialogue. This year, a total of 12 member states mentioned RtoP and its implementation.
Notably, Belgium, Ghana, Malta, New Zealand and Sweden expressed support for the proposal of the Secretariat General and the creation of a Joint office between the Special Advisors on the Prevention of Genocide and RtoP. Another noteworthy theme was the recognition of the importance of continuing to hold discussions in the General Assembly on different aspects of the now, in order to move the debate towards implementation and institutionalization. Governments of Armenia, Denmark and Malta praised yearly discussion in the GA and this summer's interactive dialogue, highlighting the importance of early warning and assessment. France reflected on the development of RtoP since 2005, noting the lack of progress on actually impacting the protection of populations and at the remaining obstacles. Minister Kouchner did however, in relation to the response to mass violence in Guinea, mention that effective response does and can happen, and recognized that a movement was taking shape in global civil society.
See this document to see all excerpts on RtoP from statements in the dialogue.

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