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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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We welcome the inclusion of the esponsibility to protect under this chapter. From our perspective, if intervention occurs, it takes place after the failure of prevention. And emphasis should be added on the fact that the responsibility to protect is primarily a system of protection and prevention, rather than of intervention. Governments need to recognise that the responsibility to provide protection also includes the responsibility to prevent conflicts and engage in post-conflict reconstruction. This must be achieved through diplomacy, negotiation and technical and financial assistance. The Security Council should embrace the principle of o not harm when it intervenes, in particular as regards the sexual abuse of women and children.

We note that Report references on the need to strengthen the International Criminal Court and increase its remit to cover all nations and states are not reflected in the Annex, when it is obvious that there is a pressing need to fully integrate the ICC into the UN system, as well as to set up a new international human rights tribunal.

Basked on our know-how, we would say and demand that:

All these reforms and policies should ineluctably be accompanied by international strengthening of democratic rule and measures to prevent impunity at the international lebel in criminal, civil, economic, social and environmental law. To this end, we should advance towards ensuring global rule of law, ensuring compliance with current international treaties, strengthening existing international legal institutions and establishing those necessary in other areas, and providing all these tools with the appropriate and necessary executibe mechanisms.

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