**Steering Committee met in Panama for two days to evaluate first year
of the Coalition and plan next phase of activities**
On 13-14 March, Steering Committee Members of the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect (ICRtoP) met in Gamboa, Panama for its second Steering Committee meeting since the launch of the Coalition in January 2009. The Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (site) also joined part of the meeting to brief the Coalition of its activities and discuss the latest developments at the UN. 
ICRtoP Steering Committee 
The Steering Committee of the Coalition
Coalition’s Steering Committee has been composed of the 8 following non-governmental organizations who actively promote the Responsibility to Protect in their respective countries and regions.
Coordinadora Regional de Investigaciones Económicas y Sociales (CRIES), Argentina (site)
East Africa Law Society, Tanzania (site
Human Rights Watch (site)
Initiatives for International Dialogue, The Philippines (site)
International Refugee Rights Initiative, New York and Uganda (site)
Oxfam International (site
The West Africa Civil Society Institute, Ghana (site)
World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy, New York and The Hague (site)
Steering Committee meeting: Agreement on a plan of action for 2010-2012
In the first year of activities, much of the work of the Secretariat and the Coalition focused on raising awareness on the report of the Secretary-General on RtoP and mobilizing supporters of RtoP in the lead-up to the General Assembly debate on RtoP of July 2009.
While the Coalition will continue to seek consolidation of the norm at the UN, the bulk of our work will focus on advancing the norm in the regions. To that end, the Coalition will continue to advocate for regional and sub-regional endorsements of the norm, carry out awareness raising activities, and engage in projects related to building and strengthening regional capacities on early warning and early engagement.
Prior to the Steering Committee meeting, CRIES and the ICRtoP co-organized a one-day meeting to discuss the implementation of RtoP in the Latin America and Caribbean region (report coming soon). This meeting culminated in a regional action plan to consolidate the movement of NGOs working to prevent and halt mass atrocities, which identified entry points and priorities for advancing the norm in the region. In light of this meeting, Steering Committee Members welcomed the idea of also pursuing the development and implementation of regional plans of action for Africa and Asia in the coming two years.
Given the differential impact of mass atrocities on women and the role of women in preventing and halting these crimes, the Steering Committee agreed on the importance of integrating a women’s rights perspective into the work of the Coalition.
Diego Dewar from the Global Centre for R2P during the meeting
Membership of the Coalition
The SC discussed strategies to expand and diversify the membership of the Coalition to aim at   a full regional representation fromacross, including building partnerships in regions where there has been limited outreach in the past such as the Middle East, East Asia, South Asia, Caribbean, and Southern Africa.
Country Specific Advocacy
The Steering Committee agreed that the Secretariat of the Coalition is now able to take a stronger role as convener, facilitator and/or coordinator on a case by case basis in RtoP country-specific situations. This will include conducting advocacy by bringing the voices of Members to New York; issuing “Action Alerts” and taking stronger positions on country situations.
ICRtoP Director, Doris Mpoumou, at the Steering Committee Meeting
New Chair of the Coalition
We are delighted to announce that Andres Serbin, CRIES, was appointed Chair of the Coalition for the next two years.  
All of us at the Secretariat are delighted to take on these new challenges and expand the worldwide network of NGOs working on advancing RtoP, in partnership with key actors at the level of international, regional, sub-regional and national levels.

We thank you for following and supporting our efforts.
The Secretariat of the ICRtoP in New York