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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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Symposium on Instability Warning and Genocide Prevention

17-19 March 2010
Vanderbilt University Law School
Doris Mpoumou, Director of the ICRtoP attended a three-day symposium which was sponsored by the US National Intelligence Council, Directorate of Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Department of State, International Legal Studies Program, Vanderbilt University Law School, in cooperation with the Global Futures Forum.
The Symposium, entitled Instability Warning and Genocide Prevention, included panels of scholars and practitioners discussing issues of early warning methodologies, the promotion of international collaboration, and a theoretical analysis of genocide and its implications. Panels on sexual violence in Eastern Congo and a round table on transitional justice vs. alternative justice were also included.
Facilitated discussions of the symposium aimed at promoting dialogue and the sharing of perspectives regarding strengths, weaknesses and of existing frameworks on warning policies and global cooperation abroad. Panelists also discussed the nexus between RtoP and early warning for genocide prevention.
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