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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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ICRtoP Informational Brochures

The new brochure, available in three languages, gives comprehensive insight into the Coalition's  long-term goals and challenges. It further sheds light on RtoP as a critical framework to keep or restore peace in war-torn regions or in times of crisis as well as preventing mass atrocities and rebuilding societies post-conflict.RtoP threefold purpose of preventing, reacting and rebuilding underscores the fact that military intervention should always come as last resort while the brochure lays out the hazard of its possible misuse. Finally, the document makes clear that ICRtoP aims at engaging with international, regional and local actors in an effort to embrace non-Western ideals as well, such as the African Union Constitutive Act that enhanced "the necessity for a collective body to intervene in circumstances of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity". 

We invite you to download our latest identity materials in English, French, and Spanish:

English Brochure (updated 2012)

French Brochure (Français) (updated 2010)

Spanish Brochure (Español) (updated 2010)

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