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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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Montreal Institute for Genocide Studies report: Mobilizing the Will to Intervene

W2I is a crucial initiative that focuses on the prevention of genocide and other crimes against humanity. After the terrible events that took place in Rwanda and Kosovo, genocide experts seek to understand how to pressure political leaders to stop crimes against humanity before they escalate into genocide.The goal of W2I is to understand how to operationalize the principles of the Canadian-sponsored Report of the International Commission on Intervention and States Sovereignty on the Responsibility to Protect. Research will focus on how to better mobilize domestic political will in Canada and the United States. Furthermore, practical tools will be designed for nongovernmental agencies, the media, interested groups, and the general public so they can effectively pressure governments to take action to prevent future genocides and other crimes against humanity. The W2I project was developed jointly by General Roméo Dallaire and MIGS. Gen. Dallaire, Canada’s leading advocate of peacemaking, peacekeeping and peace-building in the world’s war-torn regions, brings his experience in Rwanda to the project. He is a Senior Fellow at MIGS, which supports his work with the United Nations Advisory Committee on Genocide Prevention.

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