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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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Great Lakes Parliamentary Forum (AMANI Forum) issues communiqué endorsing RtoP
The Great AMANI Forum 2009 General Assembly
Nairobi, Kenya
15 – 17 June 2009
“Interrogating the Lessons Learned from Internal Displacement in the Great Lakes Region: Are We Achieving Sustainable Peace?”
The AMANI Forum 2009, hosted by the Kenyan Chapter in Nairobi on 16-17 June 2009, focused on policy trends towards the resolution of internal displacement and their contribution towards sustainable peace in the Great Lakes region. For the first time, the AMANI Forum issued a communiqué at the end of the event endorsing RtoP, including that:
“2. States have a collective responsibility to protect people from gross human rights violations, and where a state is shown to have committed or acquiesced in the commission of human rights violations, the international community ought to intervene;”
“6. Parliamentarians have a vital role to play to understand and popularize the concept of Responsibility to Protect (R2P) and to hold governments accountable;”
The forum included a panel on the Responsibility to Protect, panelists included Dismas Nkunda, co-director International Refugees Rights Initiative (ICRtoP Steering Committee Member) and close colleague Yitiha Simbeye, legal expert at the Open University of Tanzania. The AMANI Forum represents an important opportunity to spread information on the norm with parliamentarians and push for its implementation at the national level.

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