22 May 2008

The United Nations General Assembly held its first-ever Thematic Debate on Human Security on 22 May 2008. Member states expressed their deep concern over rising problems with increasing population, food, energy, environmental, monetary and cultural issues. Many delegates spoke of the importance of the preventive nature of human security. The Responsibility to Protect doctrine was mentioned by the representatives from Japan, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, Pakistan, Lichstenstein and GA president Srgjan Kerim, who highlighted the responsibility of the international community to assist states in protecting their populations as stated in the World Summit 2005 Outcome Document.

The following statements are R2P excerpts from the General Assembly Thematic Debate compiled by the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect.

Note: the statements from Sudan, Morocco, Pakistan and Lichtenstein will be added to this document as soon as they are made available on the GA website.

Excerpts of R2P -- GA Thematic Debate on Human Security, 22 May 2008.pdf