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Secretary-General Kofi Annan today advocated support for his proposals to reform the United Nations, calling them the most far reaching ever put forward in its 60-year history.

he United Nations will comprehensively improve performance if the Member States adopt the proposals, he said at a press conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, where he was attending the Asian-African Summit.

He said the reform proposals reflected his conviction that ithout development there can be no security and without security there can be no development, and without human rights and the rule of law we can have neither security nor development.

During his meetings at the Summit, the Secretary-General has been urging the leaders of African and Asian countries to support the reforms, which are spelled out in his seminal report, n Larger Freedom, and include an overhaul of the UN's human rights forum, an expansion of the Security Council and requirements for fighting poverty.

he economic reform program in 'In Larger Freedom' puts the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) squarely at the center of the global agenda, and thus makes development, and the challenge of development of poor countries, the highest priority of global economic development, he said. The Goals are a set of time-bound global antipoverty targets adopted in 2000 by world leaders at a UN summit

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