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The plan for the reconstruction of the United Nations presented to the General Assembly by Kofi Annan Monday has the backing of the majority of the Chilean public, according to a new BBC World Service poll.

Chile was one of the 22 out of 23 countries polled with a majority of respondents supporting plans to expand the United Nations Security Council from 15 to 24 permanent members

Heraldo Muoz, Chiles ambassador to the United Nations, welcomed the plan as a great opportunity to start reforming the organization for the better.

hat the secretary general laid out in his report represents our (Chiles) stance to a great extent he said.

Another of the key changes called for is the establishment of a resolution specifying the criteria needed to decide when the use of military force is applicable. The criteria would deal with the seriousness of the threat, whether it was preventable by non-military action, and whether there was a reasonable chance that the military action would succeed. Despite the subjectivity inherent in judging if the situation meets these criteria, Annan argued in his speech that the universal value of the esponsibility to protect should be accepted by member states in cases of ethnic cleansing, genocide and crimes against humanity

Chile was among the numerous states to support Kofi Annan against critics calls for his resignation in December when rumors first surfaced of his connection with corrupt oil for food programs.

e trust his leadership said Muoz.

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