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Implementing the Responsibility to Protect: Asia-Pacific in the 2009 GA Dialogue

Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect

October 2009


It is generally acknowledged that the support of nations in the Asia-Pacific region was invaluable to the progress made in implementing RtoP at the July 2009 UN GA debate on RtoP. The APCR2P published a report detailing the role of Asia-Pacific nations during the debate, Implementing the Responsibility to Protect: Asia Pacific in the 2009 GA Dialogue. This report gives a summary of the background to the dialogue and then discusses the Asia-Pacific region, first outlining general consensuses and challenges, and then paying attention to each nation and their relations with the norm. 


Asia-Pacific nations in general agreed at the debate that Member States should work to implement RtoP not renegotiate it. These nations also affirmed the three pillars outlined in Ban Ki-moon’s report, Implementing the Responsibility to Protect. The report cites five strong consensuses between the Asia-Pacific nations present at the debate. Nations agreed that RtoP is first and foremost the state’s responsibility, that the third pillar includes peaceful measures and should not be narrowly considered at coercion or the use of force, that RtoP applies to four crimes, that RtoP should be implemented in a manner consistent with international law and the UN Charter, and that RtoP should be implemented in a non-selective way. The Asia-Pacific nations also agreed that the General Assembly should play a principal role in the implementation of RtoP. 


The report also identifies challenges that the Asia Pacific region will face in implementing RtoP. These challenges include building early warning mechanisms, clarifying the role of UN organs, clarifying the relationship between RtoP and economic development, strengthening Asia-Pacific regional arrangements, and clarifying both the scope of capacity building and the measures that states can take to implement Pillar One. 


Read the full report. 


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