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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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Jakarta, Indonesia
11 June 2009
Global Action to Prevent War (GAPW) in cooperation with Center for Strategic and International Studies (Jakarta, Indonesia) and the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney (Australia) recently hosted a regional workshop on “Peacekeeping and Civilian Protection” in Jakarta. The workshop engaged government, civil society, UN and ASEAN decision makers and focused on the following:
  •  Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific perspectives on civilian protection and the possible role of a standing UN peacekeeping service.
  • The impact of Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific norms, language, politics and culture on proposals for UN peacekeeping reform. 
Over 45 participants from Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia took part in highlighting and assessing civilian protection/human security goals, regional conflict prevention and resolution strategies (including case studies focused on Aceh, Mindanao and Burma), and the feasibility of new peacekeeping capacities such as a UN Emergency Peace Service (UNEPS). A workshop outcome document is being prepared and will be available shortly.
While in Jakarta, we also launched our new publication, “Standing for Change in Peacekeeping Operations”. (See below)
The publication, Standing for Change Peacekeeping Operations, recognized the complementary goals of UNEPS and the Responsibility to Protect norm and hence provides an overview of the RtoP norm and addressed the difficulties the emerging norm faced, in particular in gaining acceptance, as well as implementation.
To download PDF version of the report: click here

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