The Australian Department of Defence released the Defence White Paper 2009 on 2 May 2009, outlining Australias plans for defence for the next few years. Under the section of Australias strategic interest, Australia clearly states her recognition and support for the esponsibility to Protect principle under the UN context.

(...)5.19. For a rules-based global security order to work, occasionally it is necessary to act to restore order. Within the UN context, the 'responsibility to protect' principle, which is currently at an important stage of development, holds that states are responsible for the protection of their own citizens from mass atrocities, and that the international community should encourage and assist states to exercise that authority. Australia supports the principle, and recognizes that, on occasion, it may be necessary for other states to intervene, under the auspices of a UN Security Council resolution, if a state cannot or will not protect its population.(...)

Full copy of the The Defence White Paper 2009