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Scorched Earth, Poisoned Air: Credible evidence of children killed and maimed by horrific chemical weapons attacks in Darfur
Amnesty International
29 September 2016

The Sudanese government is inflicting unspeakable human suffering on its own people.

Amnesty International has gathered harrowing evidence strongly suggesting the repeated use of chemical weapons against civilians, including very young children, in Jebel Marra - one the most remote parts of Darfur.

The effects of these chemicals on the human body are gruesome and frequently fatal.

Based on testimony from caregivers and survivors, Amnesty International estimates that between 200 and 250 people may have died as a result of exposure to chemical weapons agents. Many – or most – are children.

Amnesty International's investigation found that at least 30 suspected chemical attacks have taken place so far this year. The most recent was on 9 September.


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