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12 April 2012
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New ICRtoP Publication: “At a Glance” – Preventive Diplomacy
First educational tool in series of documents on measures available under the third pillar of RtoP 

Since 2009, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly has held an annual informal, interactive dialogue on the Responsibility to Protect (RtoP, R2P). The discourse is based in part on reports published by the UN Secretary-General ahead of the meetings exploring measures within the norm’s scope or the role of various actors. These dialogues are an important opportunity for Member States, regional and sub-regional organizations and civil society to discuss the norm’s implementation and assess best practices from past crisis situations. This year, the General Assembly plans to discuss the broad range of political, economic, humanitarian and, if necessary, military response measures available to actors at the national, regional, and international levels within the third pillar of the Responsibility to Protect. 
ICRtoP encourages actors at all levels to participate in this timely discussion and generate constructive conversation on the regional and international community’s response to imminent threats or occurrences of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing. Furthermore, ICRtoP provides information about the spectrum of measures available within the norm’s third pillar and expands on how these measures can be employed by actors at all levels.  Please see ICRtoP's  "Clarifying the Third Pillarto learn more about the measures within the third pillar of RtoP and the capacity of actors to implement these tools.
To this end, ICRtoP has published the first in a new series of At a Glance educational tools on measures available under the third pillar, with the initial publication focusing on preventive diplomacy. This document discusses the evolution of the discourse on preventive diplomacy and expands on the many forums in which this tool may be employed to prevent the threat or escalation of mass atrocities as well as associated challenges. It also elaborates on the contributions of the UN, regional and sub-regional arrangements, individual governments and civil society in implementing diplomatic processes to resolve disputes peacefully.
Additional “At a Glance” publications will focus on the following topics, in order of publication:
♦ National, Regional and International Justice Mechanisms
♦ The Use of Force
♦ Monitoring, Early Warning and Response
♦ Targeted Sanctions


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