International Refugees Rights Initiative and the Darfur Consortium of NGOs noted in recommendations of ICGLR Comittee on Genocide Prevention
December 2011
ICRtoP member, International Refugees Rights Initiative (IRRI) and the Darfur Consortium of NGO’s were referenced in the recommendations of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region Committee on Genocide Prevention to the Regional Inter-Ministerial Committee (RIMC).
(…) Let me seize this opportunity, on behalf of the Committee, to express our humble appreciation to you for trusting us with this noble duty of addressing the most heinous crimes of our time. We are aware that this Committee is the only one amongst the ICGLR Committees whose members have to be approved and endorsed by the RIMC.(...)
(…) Our Committee has received Regional and International recognition, such that, during our last meeting we received a number of correspondences from various organs moving the Committee to invoke its Mandate under Article 38 of the Protocol on Prevention of Genocide.
The provisions of Article 38 requires the Committee to regularly review the situation in each Member State by collecting and analyzing information related to genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and all forms of discrimination and alert the Summit in good time to take measures.(…)
(...)TAKING NOTE of the complaints received by the Committee from the International Refugees Rights Initiative (IRRI), Darfur Consortium of NGOs and reports of the UN on allegations of serious violations of human rights that could amount to the crimes of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in the region of South Kordofan in the Republic of Sudan (…)
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